Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dinner @ Cotogna in San Francisco, CA - #2

I had the opportunity to dine at Cotogna about a year ago and enjoyed their Sunday Supper.  I didn't have Cotogna high on my "go again soon" list (there are just too many places to try), but a generous birthday gift certificate to Cotogna upped its priority immediately :-)

I'll leave the details of the restaurant to the prior post, but the basics are we went to Cotogna for their Sunday Supper.  It's the one day each week they offer a set four course menu compared to their normal a la carte menu.

Here's an overview of meal #2.

1) PASSATO DI PESCE, Tuscan fish soup

This soup was much more eye pleasing than the last soup I had at Cotogna.  The consistency was similar to a cream of tomato soup (and I assume the base of the soup was tomato).  Really tasty.

2) TAGLIOLINI CON CALAMARI, Tagliolini with squid & corno di tonno peppers

It may be hard to tell in this picture because it was so dark, but those are squid ink noodles in the picture.  Overall, a tasty dish.  The calimari wasn't chewy at all and the pasta was much better than the disgusting squid ink noodles my girlfriend and I recently picked up at William Sonoma.  Sorry, but that's the only recent squid ink noodle comparison I can think of.

3) PESCHE SPADA, Grilled swordfish with fennel & beets

This main course was served family style, so the swordfish above was for two.  I'm usually not a big fan of swordfish, as it and other meatier fishes can get really dry.  However, this swordfish was quite juicy in the middle.  The beets and fennel were delicious.  I honestly did not know that fennel was anything other than an herb.  You learn something new everyday.

4) BONET, Chocolate, hazelnut, amaretti

And finally this layered dessert of chocolate, cream, caramel, hazelnuts, and what I assume was crumbled ameretti (which online says is a macaroon/cookie).

Overall, a good meal and a good deal at $55 for four courses.  I would say it was better and more satisfying meal than the last one.  That's the luck of just eating whatever the restaurant is serving to you that day.

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