Monday, November 10, 2014

Dinner @ All Spice in San Mateo, CA

I recently went to All Spice in San Mateo, CA for dinner.  It's a 1 Michelin Starred restaurant offering an Indian fusion a la carte menu.

1) amuse bouche - Eggplant soup with eggplant chip

The soup was tasty.  At first, I thought there was something missing from this dish, only realizing later that it was in my head.  I love baingan bartha, so I think I was initially thinking of that kind of flavor, only afterwards realizing that it was soup and not eggplant itself, hah!

2) Maple and smoked chili pork belly - Hazelnut pink lady apple, green garbanzo succotash, red onion marmalade, thyme chiffon cake

We ordered the pork belly appetizer, which was delicious.  Everything about this dish was great.  The pork belly was very soft and all the accompaniments were awesome.

3) Wagyu beef strip steak - Farro risotto, parsnip chip, wild mushrooms, nasturtium, chestnut-walnut cream

I was disappointed in this dish.  While the beef was very tender and soft, it didn't have the flavor I was expecting.  Perhaps it was a tad under seasoned?  Or perhaps my expectations for beef have been wildly thrown off course after eating at Alexander's Steakhouse?  This was not listed on the menu with a grade, so it's possible it was just not a high grade wagyu and I was unreasonably judging it.

4) Chocolate terrarium - Pink peppercorn chocolate mousse layered with almond-chocolate soil, passion fruit curd, dark chocolate chips and white chocolate

This was delicious.  It was chocolatey, and crunchy, and sweet.  Wonderful.

Overall, it was a good dinner, but the main course brought down the entire meal a bit.  When I go back, I might try a seafood entree instead, as others online have said they are excellent.

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