Sunday, March 22, 2015

Testing the Quality of a Daughter's Boyfriend via Fried Chicken

I've told this story a few times over the years and I have no idea how I ever learned it.  No one else seems to know the story.

So the boyfriend of a daughter is finally being brought over to meet the parents.  The parents, especially the father, are (over) protective of their daughter.

They prepare fried chicken for dinner (technically it could be any type of chicken, but some reason the story is fried chicken) and the father asks the boyfriend, "What piece would you like?  Breast?"

Of course, the question is sexually suggestive, trying to see what the boy is thinking of at that moment in time. 

If the boyfriend says yes, he fails.  He's clearly thinking dirty thoughts.

If the boyfriend says leg or thigh, it's a fail, but not a complete and utter fail.

If the boyfriend says drumstick, it's sort of a neutral answer (since he didn't say leg instead).

If the boyfriend is smart, he answers wing.

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