Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tasty Stuff I Ate in 2015

As I did in 2014, the following are selections of random things I had in 2015 that were particular tasty or interesting that I didn't yet blog about.  I don't blog about every meal b/c I don't really feel like it, but these were particular good and interesting and worth noting.

1) mochi wrapped with bacon from Ippuku, Berkeley, CA

This was a very popular item at the restaurant, but I couldn't imagine it tasting good.  I just couldn't imagine the two items working out ... but it did.  And it was delicious.

2) Fried frogs legs en Aigre Doux garlic, lemon from Monsieur Benjamin, San Francisco, CA

These frogs legs were delicious, but what made them so memorable was the presentation.  They all had their "claws" on them still (I know it's not claws, it's bones, but it looks like claws).  I recall the waitress telling us that many customers get freaked out by them.  The table next to us had just ordered them but were looking at ours with regret.

3 & 4) Barbecue Abalone & Grilled Giant Ama Ebi at KCC Farmer's Market Honolulu, HI

While in Honolulu, I hit up a local farmers market.  While admittedly semi-touristy, I loved the fact this farmers market had a unique set of "fair food" that is just not what you normally see on the mainland.

5) Omakase Sashimi from Dash, San Mateo, CA

After my dinner at Kusakabe, my girlfriend and I wanted to find more great sushi but at a slightly lower price point.  Our favorite was Dash and this great sashimi plate.

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