Saturday, August 18, 2012

This is how you lose a sale Best Buy

There have been numerous articles written about why Best Buy is losing business (I recall reading "Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually" recently).

Today I went to Best Buy to buy a tablet.  I had my credit card ready and was going to make a purchase.  All I was debating was which one I wanted.  Most importantly I wanted to try out some tablets to see if the ~7 inch tablets would be good enough for me or if I needed one of the ~10 inch ones.

Several of the floor model tablets were broken, prohibiting me from trying them.  When I alerted the staff, they apologized, saying that someone had broken one of them several days earlier.  I'm like, "But I can't buy one until I can try it."  He apologized again ... and that was that.

So this is how you lose a sale Best Buy.  I ended up wandering into a Verizon store and was able to try out the tablets I wanted to try.   Verizon would have gotten the sale if they carried the WiFi only versions, but they did not.  I guess I'll pick up the one I wanted at Frys or maybe I'll just buy it on Amazon.

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