Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cookie Monster's Comedic Depths

Sometime back, I was reading a chapter in a book (I think it was The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell) describing the comedic depth of the writers on Sesame Street. At first, I was a little surprised by the comments. How in the world is Sesame Street sophisticated comedy? The chapter describes how the writers of Sesame Street added a lot of humor into the show to make sure adults would like it too. Back when Sesame Street first came out, most families only had one TV, and it was believed that parents wouldn't let their kids watch Sesame Street if it wasn't entertaining for adults.

I had not seen an episode of Sesame Street since I was a child, but had to confirm the argument. Sure enough, now as an adult, I can see a lot of the subtle humor in Sesame Stret that I never would have seen before. Here are some hilarious ones I found for Cookie Monster.

Clearly, tons of parody of the Today Show. I love Cookie Monster's line of, "Where this guy come from?"

I don't think this last one is from Sesame Street, but I imagine the writers setup the interview responses and the lines are hilarious.

Cookie Monster also has a hilarious breaking of the 4th wall in the beginning of this video:

Here's a hilarious interview w/ NPR

And I can't forget about Cookie Monster's classic Stephen Colbert interview

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