Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Baseball Musings One Month In

A few interesting little statistical nuggets I've noticed after 1 month into the year.

1) Miguel Cabrera

Through the month of April, Cabrera has one home run (which he hit on April 26th, pretty late) and .359 slugging percentage.  Eek!  Not looking good for someone owed $124 million after this season.

2) Chris Davis second half of April

Chris Davis had a horrible start to the year, leading to a record breaking streak of hitless at bats.  However, since he broke that streak, he's actually been good.

First 12 games: .000/.132/.000
Next 11 games: .343/.378/.686

He hasn't played everyday, so it's possible they're only putting him in for good matchups.  But maybe he can turn this around.

3) Mike Trout's Strikeout Rate

The rest of baseball should be scared.  Strikeouts are perhaps Trout's one  weakness, and it appears he's learning to deal with it better.  Trout's struck out about 21.5% of his plate appearances before 2019.  His best year was 2017 when he struck out about 17.7% of his plate appearances.  This year, it's down to 11.8% of his plate appearances.  Oh and his walk rate?   Up to 24.4%.

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