Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is it me or are video games getting longer?

I just beat Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Total time to beat it, 112 hours.

That's a lot of hours to put into a game.

At some point, it really felt like a chore to complete all of the quests.  I'm not sure if it was just the quests within the game or the size of the game or length of the game, but it really felt like a chore compared to prior Dragon Age games and other games I've played over the years.

I have this feeling I might just be getting older and these kinds of games aren't the games I can really invest that much time into anymore.  At the barest minimum, I can't stay up late playing games like I was when I was younger.

On the other hand, I didn't feel like games I played in the past were quite the same length.  So I went to and looked up the following games I've played and the number of hours to accomplish everything.

Dragon Age: Origins - 85 hours
Dragon Age 2 - 57.5 hours
Dragon Age: Inquisition - 110.5 hours
Mass Effect - 42.5 hours
Mass Effect 2 - 48.5 hours
Mass Effect 3 - 48 hours
Final Fantasy X - 172.5 hours
Final Fantasy XII - 153.5 hours
Final Fantasy XIII - 109.5 hours
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 71.5 hours
Dragon Quest VIII - 117.5 hours
Persona 3 - 134 hours
Persona 4 - 113 hours
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - 61.5 hours
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 206 hours
Fallout 3 - 123.5 hours
Fallout: New Vegas - 120 hours

Well, a number of these games were actually similar in length if not longer.  I remember putting in a lot of hours to try and complete everything in Final Fantasy X and Dragon Quest VIII.  I know the Skyrim definitely took around 200 hours to do everything.

I guess I'm just getting old :-|

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