Monday, June 30, 2014

What the Transformers Movies Need

I just saw the new Transformers: Age of Extinction.  While it has its problems (I won't go into it, plenty of other people on the internet will), it left me disappointed yet again.

There's pretty much only one thing I want to see in a Transformers movie ...  transforming.  You should see a car transform into a robot.  Then see the robot transform back into a car.

Don't show a car, then pan away, then pan back and it's a robot.  The magic of a Transformers movie is seeing the transforming in action.

Don't have robots running around for an hour shooting at each other, have them transforming while they fight.  Hey, that robot needs to get the top of the building.  Sure would be nice if it could transform into something that could fly up there.

Without transforming it's a robot movie.  Robots fighting.  Robots shooting guns.  It's not Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, it's Robots: Revenge of the Fallen.

Robots: Dark Side of the Moon.

Robots: Age of Extinction.

The majority of the end of the last three films has been a giant robot fight.  Very little to no transforming done, just a lot of robots shooting guns at each other.

Oh and I forgot, what's worse than the robots shooting at each other?  When a bunch of robot spaceships shoot at each other.  Not because the autobots or decepticons can't fly ... or transform into something that can fly.

Oh you want to know what also stinks.  When they transform without even transforming.  When they change into a billion tiny little particles and morph into whatever they want.  In other words, avoiding transforming.

Here's an example in the first Transformers film that's wonderful.

First Bumblebee is a car, then he converts into a robot.

Then he fights Barricade.

After the fight, he becomes a car again.

It's wonderful!  This is what Transformers is all about.  And this entire scene is 4 minutes long.

Here's some more

First Brawl is fighting as a tank.  The autobots start as cars, transform into robots to fight.  Brawl converts into robot to fight as well.  It's wonderful!

Here's some scenes with Starscream from the first movie.

This is great, he goes from plane to robot.  Then robot to plane.  He even does it a lot while fighting the other planes.  It's probably the best scene in the entire movie.

So in conclusion, please show transformations.

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