Thursday, May 16, 2013

Junior High Career Options

Not so long ago, I somehow recalled my "What you should do for a career" test I took when I was in junior high.  These were the career options the test gave me.

Career Option #1: Puppeteer

Maybe I could have been the next Kevin Clash (puppeteer for Elmo) or Caroll Spinney (puppeteer for Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch), but fate would make me a programmer instead.  I assume my then interest in drawing comic books (i.e. liking art) and my parents forcing me to play piano (i.e. music) lead to the test giving me this result.

Career Option #2: Ferry Boat Captain

This isn't a joke, it literally said "Ferry Boat Captain".  I have no idea why this was given to me.  My best guess is b/c I like to fish.

Career Option #3: Computer Person

I can't remember if the test gave me Computer Engineer or Software Engineer or Computer Tech or Information Technology or some other random random tech position, but option #3 was at least pretty close.

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